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Board of Directors

Jamal Shaukat, President
Architect, Hecht Burdeshaw Architects, Inc.
Deborah Kidder, Treasurer
Dean, Abbott Turner College of Business & TYSY School of Computer Science
David Jordan, Secretary

AJK, LLC  Accounting
Chance Miller, President-Elect

Dot Bass
Talbot County
Romeo Byll
W,C, Bradley Company
Willie Epps
Talbot County
Gordon Griswould
Retired Columbus Police Department
Rev. George Moore
Pastor, Greater St. Mark AME Church
Alex Ortiz
John Pinkston
Talbot County
Athavia Senior
Retired Postmaster
Larry Sparks
Talbot County
Judy Tucker

Retired Synovus & Columbus Consolidated Government
Louise Hurless, Executive Director
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