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A lot goes into building a house. There are the hard construction costs of the “bricks and sticks” – the windows and the doors; the plumbing and the toilets; the lumber, cabinets, and subcontractors. There are soft construction costs – acquiring and developing land, renting port-o-lets, and providing temporary utilities. That is why your support as build sponsors and donors is integral to keeping the build sites funded and stocked with supplies for volunteers to work with. The volunteer time committed to the build allows CAHFH to spend less on “hard costs,” like subcontractors, to focus on what is truly most important – ensuring the financial success of the homebuyers. A lot goes into building a house. But it’s worth every penny, every drop of sweat, to help a family make that house a home.

The list below gives you some idea of what your contribution to Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity allows us to purchase for the construction of a new home. Every dollar donated helps us provide affordable housing for deserving families!


Your Contribution of:

       $50     Box of 3” Nails

     $100     Mailbox

     $150     Interior Door

     $200       Window

     $500    Alarm System

  $1,000    Exterior Siding

  $2,500       Driveway or Flooring or Slab Foundation

  $3,000       Cornish/Facia or Framing Walls

  $4,000       Drywall

  $5,000    A/C or Electrical or Plumbing or Site Development

  $6,000    Cabinets or Roof

$12,000    Lot Acquisition

Sponsorship Levels

Homebuilder - $100,000

Provides funding to complete construction of 1 house


Contractor - $75,000

Provides funding for substantial construction of 1 house


Crew Leader - $50,000

Provides funding to advance construction of 1 house


Carpenter - $10,000

Provides funding to start construction of 1 house

Partnership Opportunities

Organizations can work with other groups to partner together for the completion of a Habitat house. Examples include:

• Provide financial support

• Provide volunteer support

• Provide gifts-in-kind (Professional services, 
 construction materials/supplies. etc)

CAHFH Sponsorship/Partner Program Guidelines 

Organizations who agree to participate in a sponsorship and/or partnering opportunity will commit through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as to what their level of commitment will be and how the funding will be allocated if applicable.

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