Refresh, Renew, ReStore: Make a DIY planter from an old wood chair this spring

Spring is here, and DIY makeover ideas are springing up like crazy in my brain.

So when I spied a few rows of wood chairs at the Habitat for Humanity Bucks County ReStore, my DIY day was made. I knew I could turn one of them into a DIY planter for new flowers to liven up my porch.

Some chairs were in pairs but most were singles, and all of them were inexpensive. A bargain if you want a chair, and a huge opportunity for a springtime repurpose project. 

After examining the shapes, sizes, and details of all the chairs at my Habitat ReStore, I decided on the perfect chair for my DIY repurpose idea. And that wood chair had no idea that is was about to become a new DIY flower planter for my front porch.


Supply list

  • Wood chair with a back

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Oscillating tool with wood cutting blade and sandpaper attachments (a hand saw or reciprocating saw would do the job, too)

  • Fine grit sandpaper

  • Super glue

  • Wood glue

  • Wood screws

  • Impact driver or drill

  • Spray paint in colors

  • Gorilla tape

  • Potting soil mix

  • Paint stirrers, scraps of wood or wood shims

  • Burpee pollinator seed packet

The first step in turning a chair into a planter is making a plan. I have an artist soul, so I sometimes just study the object to think through the possible scenarios and sketch different ideas. Even if I land on a solution, I usually push myself to think about a few completely different ideas, so I can see the possibilities from several directions.

No matter what plan is chosen, the planter certainly will need to have a bottom and sides. So before you cut the chair into pieces, I highly recommend deciding what will be the bottom and what will be the sides.

For my project, I decided to turn the chair upside-down and cut the back of the chair off of the seat. The seat then becomes the bottom of the planter.



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