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Meet Homeowner Financial Services Cecile Terry!

Cecile is in charge of homeowner financial services for our local Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity! She loves to have a personal, first name basis relationship with all of the people who come through receiving the help of “Habitat”! She has been working there since June of 2016, and has been able to help approximately 300 people so far! Much like Ms. Tanya, Cecile would love for Habitat for Humanity to gain visibility and for the people of Columbus to know that Habitat for Humanity is a resource for ALL of Columbus. Cecile believes that within 5 years’ time, Habitat for Humanity will be so busy, that the Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity could become the poster affiliate for Habitat for Humanity as a whole. When thinking of how to describe Habitat, she says she believes the organization to be beneficial asset to the community of Columbus. Homeownership has been a passion of Cecile’s for a long time, so working at a place like Habitat for Humanity felt like the perfect fit for her. One of her favorite things about working for Habitat is that there’s always a problem to solve for somebody, and she’s loves to help solve those problems! When Cecile is not at work she loves to ride her bicycle and spend time with her dogs!

Visit Ms. Cecile sometime, and join her for a cup of tea!

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