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Meet Volunteer Coordinator Tanya Martin!

Meet Ms. Tanya Martin, the Volunteer Coordinator from Columbus Area’s Habitat for Humanity! Ms. Tanya has been working with Habitat for Humanity for a little over a year now and will celebrate her 2nd year come June 20th. In her time working there she has enjoyed the job, as she is very passionate about what Habitat for Humanity stands for and the fact that it’s an organization intent on not just helping people with low income, but the community as a whole. She is also a huge fan of their Restore that resales donated items at a fraction of the cost. The fact that this is a great resource for those shopping on a budget (or those of us who just love being thrifty!) is something Ms. Tanya admires of the Restore. Another great perk of the Restore is knowing that everything you spend or donate will be put back into the projects that Habitat for Humanity works on. She loves seeing all the different families work on their homes and eventually be able to move into their news homes. As the Volunteer Coordinator Ms. Tanya usually handles mostly the Volunteer aspect of Habitat for Humanity. She works with the Probation Agency, which cycles people with court mandated community service in and out of her office. A lot of these people aren’t sure what Habitat for Humanity is about and she is always excited to share in the journey with them, and is always ecstatic to see some of those same faces come back and volunteer on their own time! She loves working with everyone who comes in, and comes to work! Ms. Tanya decided Habitat for Humanity would be a great fit for her after interning there on account of the suggestion from a professor. She graduated with a degree in Business Management and was offered the job outright from the people she interned under at Habitat for Humanity for doing an outstanding job! Family oriented, support, and fellowship are a few words Ms. Tanya uses to describe Habitat for Humanity. It’s a place that not only helps families, but within itself is a family. Habitat for Humanity revolves around family in Ms. Tanya’s eyes. Ms. Tanya has described the work environment at Habitat for Humanity as being exciting! Somedays it’s slow and relaxing and other days the phone rings off the hook, but these are all things that keep it fun and fresh. “It’s easygoing, you know what I mean? It’s like everybody has their own workspace, but any given day you might find all of us in one office just talking and reminiscing.” Ms. Tanya said in regards to working at Habitat Humanity with her fellow coworkers. She sees the future of Habitat for Humanity being all over Columbus. She would love to see Habitat for Humanity become well known for what they do and offer and grow, grow, grow! She hopes that Habitat for Humanity will become an integral part of the WHOLE city of Columbus! We appreciate Ms. Tanya and all that she does and all the positivity she is always radiating in our office and in our community!


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