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Meet Executive Director Louise Hurless!

Meet Mrs. Louise Hurless!

Mrs. Louise is the Executive Director at the Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity. She’s been working at Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity for a little over 5 years. But has worked for Habitat for Humanity for over 20 ½ years. She’s had the opportunity of helping 80-100 people with housing, financial, counseling, and volunteering. As well as a lot of different areas. Mrs. Louise is from Wyandotte, Michigan and attended Lake Superior State University and graduated in the year of 1981 Majoring in Human Services. Some of her favorite activities to do while in college were Intramural sports, ice skating, and softball. When she’s not working she loves to garden, paint and draw! What she enjoys most about Habitat is that there is always a challenge and that there are different things to do. She says” If you get tired or worn out with one there’s always something new and exciting to do the next day.” She also enjoys helping people within her community and people that are not from Columbus, Ga. Most importantly she enjoys helping others have a better life. Before working at Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity, she was working at Habitat in Michigan then went on to work at Habitat international in Americus. They had a job opening and that’s how she ended up in Columbus, Ga and she’s been here ever since.

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