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Meet Family Services Director Cynthia Walker Hester!

Meet Mrs. Cynthia Walker Hester! She is the Family Services Director at the Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity. She takes all the applications for homeownership, critical repair, and loans into consideration under her job title. She’s been with Habitat for about 7 years now, and within that time she’s been able to help over 70 people! Mrs. Cynthia was raised by her grandmother right here in Columbus, and has a passion to help better the lives of the elderly. Habitat has a Senior Program which has really been a perfect fit for her to help! She also loves helping people in general to own new homes through Habitat who otherwise might not have the opportunity. One thing that always gets Mrs. Cynthia excited is the “passing of the key” which is when someone has gone through all the necessary steps and finally receive the keys to their home. She loves celebrating with people who reach their goals of becoming homeowners. When Mrs. Cynthia is not at work, you can find her spending time with her family and her dogs! You can also find her out in her yard gardening, even though she can’t keep most flowers alive (Like most of us)! She likes reading in her spare time, and you can also find her out on the town riding bikes with Ms. Cecile. She can also bake an awesome banana nut bread!

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