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Meet Construction Manager Scott Cannon!

Meet Scott Cannon!

Mr. Scott is the Construction Manager at the Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity. He has been working at Habitat for 4 ½ years. Mr. Scott has had the opportunity of helping between 60-80 people through different projects held at Habitat! When it comes to his job, his favorite thing is helping people, he says” it’s great to see smiles on faces. I love to see people having fun, smiling and being happy.” As well as having a passion for building homes! One of his memorable moments of working here, are finishing a house and doing a dedication for the homeowner. Seeing their expressions and how emotional they get of owning their first house. One of his favorite hobbies to do are leather work and making knives. Like most of us he loves to go on vacations! One of his favorite places he’s visited is Daytona Beach! His favorite quote that he lives by that he personally made is “If you don’t want to be shamed for doing something don’t do something that you are ashamed of.”

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